Preventive Medicine Consultants

I'm not sick, but I want to live a healthy life, I don't know what to do.
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Medical Consultants

In the examination room, I can't talk about various things because I'm worried about the people who are behind me.
I'm sorry that the teacher seems to be busy, too.

I've been doing this medicine without knowing why.
I want to reduce the medicine if possible.

I would like to ask you comprehensively what kind of diet you should eat and whether you should exercise.

3020 years of experience as a clinician and
I have noticed it through poor physical condition and injuries for many years.

There are symptoms such as strange walking, poor memorificness, difficulty in putting in the power of limbs, numbness, etc., but it is not enough to go to the hospital? Where am I supposed to go? Those who like that are also okay.

It is also available face-to-face and online.

Price: 30 minutes per time ¥10,000

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