Migraines and Kriya Hops

Do you have headaches?

Only when you want to relax because it's a holiday
Do you have a headache that makes you feel refreshed?

I had that happen all the time.
It's a weekend off, so take it easy on Friday night,
On Saturday mornings, I would sleep as much as I wanted without an alarm.
I woke up early in the morning and slept twice in the futon.
I enjoy it, but...

The next time I woke up, my head hurts!
After all, holidays that should be leisurely are in the house and sleeping and waking up

I'm kind of in a daze until Monday morning.
It's the worst pattern.

Even if I take over-the-counter painkillers or medicines prescribed by the hospital, I am not cured and end up rumbling

This is a typical migraine pattern.

I did it again this morning!

But now I have a very good ally.
After a while of taking Kriya Hops, this pain disappears quickly.

It's strange.

But there is one caveat.
I also drink a lot of water.

In fact, what induced the migraine was
Having slept twice
That I was hungry for that
I was dehydrated because I hadn't been drinking water since night.

has a lot to do with it.

Why Kriya Hops cleared my migraine headaches
There's a good reason for that.
If you want to know, please contact us.

I've had migraines since high school, but over the years I've noticed
There is a way of life that makes migraines less likely.

Healthy longevity

Healthy longevity

2000In the year, the WHO advocated healthy life expectancy. It is defined as the period during which you can live independently.

2020As of 2019, the healthy life expectancy of both men and women is Japan.
The age of men and women is 74.1 years old, men are 72.6 years old, and women are 75.5 years old.

The average life expectancy (the number of years expected to survive at birth) is also Japan, at 84.3 years (for men and women combined).

Japan is amazing! I can't help but be happy.

Don't you think that there is a long time between healthy life expectancy and average life expectancy?
If possible, I would like to live to the end without being taken care of by anyone.

Not only that, but in the Japan of a super-aging society, the people who take care of you are also elderly.
It will happen more and more from now on.
It is the so-called elderly care.

The other day, I heard an interesting story about muscles from a personal trainer.

My father is indebted to me by a personal trainer.
He walked well as a child, so his muscles are strong.
The story of walking to school a distance that is not at the level of 10,000 steps a day.
I'm listening. It's over the pass.
Now, instead of commuting by bicycle, it is a distance to pick up and drop off by car.
Even after middle age, I didn't do any sports, but my walking speed was fast.

It feeds us even in old age.

So I did a little research and found out
When comparing the movements of the standing long jump, there was almost no change in the growth rate of motor ability after the age of 3.5.
There was data that there was not.
After all it seems to be up to 100 souls of triplets.

But but.
You can't go back to being a kid now.

Muscles can be strengthened no matter how many times they grow.

You don't even need any special tools. You can do it even if you are in the house.
Even sitting with your back straight when you sit in a chair uses your muscles.
Sometimes wiping down the floor is quite a bit of muscle training.

About exercise that can be done in the house so as not to disturb the neighbors
If you look for it on your smartphone, you will find a lot of introductions.
However, if you don't exercise with age, your body will become stiff, so think about that as well.
If you don't do it, it will be a source of injury.

As I write this, I have not been climbing or skiing lately.
I watch videos and train from time to time.

Reduce toxins

Are you aware of the toxins around you?

We live surrounded by toxins.

Choose only pests and molds for insecticides, pesticides, mold inhibitors, etc.
It doesn't work.

We live in symbiosis with microorganisms.

What about personal care products?
Have you ever looked up what's in shampoo, soap, cosmetics, etc.?

My hair has been lonely lately, not because of my age.
It may be due to the shampoo you are using.

Are there any detergents for cleaning?
For glass, for floors, for cleaning baths, for cleaning toilets...
Have you also seen this ingredient?

There's more.

Heavy metals, mold...

Do you think that tap water and food additives are okay because there are standards set by the government?
Although it is true that there is no acute toxicity
What happens if various things accumulate over time?
Nobody knows.

Perhaps it will not become clear in our lifetime.

It is impossible to avoid them all.
Try using baking soda or citric acid when cleaning.
Try to stop eating processed foods as much as possible.
Use an iron frying pan (it takes a little effort, but you will be able to handle it carefully)
Why don't you start with what you can do?

And to take out as much as possible what has gone in
It is also important to drink good water and exercise moderately.

I think that's the case from the point of view of a person who is well made.
You may think that it is not enough at all
I think it's definitely better to do a little bit than not to do it.

When the buds of the tree

When the buds of the tree
読み方は“このめどき“ です。










What happened to me
















Do you take supplements?
Supplement is a word that comes from the meaning of supplementation and replenishment.

I'm taking supplements because I'm worried about something just by eating.

It may prevent disease.

Maybe you can get wrinkles?
Could gray hair be reduced?
Maybe you're skinny?

I think there are people who take supplements from various thoughts.

I wanted to be a little more feminine
You can take supplements,
I thought that anemia would not improve, so I took supplements and
I have experience.

It is a supplement that is full of many in the streets,
Many contain chemically synthesized components.

Because our bodies have a lot in common with what is in nature
It judges what you know this.
However, chemically synthesized products can only be judged as foreign matter.

Medicines used to be made from plants or minerals.
that it came to be chemically synthesized for mass production or other reasons
There is a history.

Plants as a meal
And when something is a little missing, it is a plant of supplementing.
A plant that works as a medicine when your body is unwell.

The animal knows it by instinct.
People who have dogs and cats eat grass that they do not usually eat.
I think that you have seen the appearance to do.

Whether you really need the supplements you usually take
Please review it once.
Some things may not be what you need to eat properly.

Think about it when you want to take medicine.
Maybe you can improve on food.

To improve my current slump
What kind of food is good?
What kind of life should I live?

If you do not understand even if you think about it, please contact us.

Healthy life expectancy

Healthy and long-lived
Isn't that what everyone wishes?

2020The average life expectancy of Japanese people in 2008 is 87.74 years for women and 81.64 years for men.

Healthy life expectancy is 75.5 years for women and 72.6 years for men in 2019 data.
Both men and women are ranked no. 1 in the world.

Healthy life expectancy is a period of time when you can live without limiting your daily life due to health problems.

Recently telework, he says he is sitting almost in a chair all day at stay home
There may be people, aren't there?

If you stay still, your muscles will surely decline.
Conversely, no matter how old you are, your muscles will stick.
The way of attaching is only different from when it is young.

Muscles aren't the only ones related to healthy life expectancy.

I want to be careful about what I eat.

There are few things that say that it is good to do only this.
Why don't you study properly and extend your healthy life expectancy even a little?

I myself studied various things because of my poor physical condition.
And after I felt a decline in physical strength after I was 40 years old, I began to move aggressively.
I was surprised that muscles are so tight.
I also tried various things about food myself.
It's not always right to be said to be good, but also in your own body
I am experiencing.

And above all, I've been clinical for many years and I've been in contact with a lot of patients
There are many things I have been taught.

Individual consulting, seminars, etc.

Natural healing power

Natural healing power

It is the vitality that we humans have originally.

Homeostasis is the way to keep the body in a constant state.

When foreign bodies (bacteria, viruses, etc.) enter our bodies,
The immune corps is deployed to attack.
This immune corps is not just about strengthening.
Autoimmune diseases (e.e. rheumatism) that attack you if you are too strong (as is hay fever) or yourself
It will be.
Balance is important.

To maintain homeostasis, this immune system, autonomic nervous system, and endocrine (hormone) are successful
Need to work.

One of the reasons why this homeostasis doesn't work well is
Stress, and aging.

No one can avoid aging.

But this aging, but don't you think there is an individual difference?
Reunion after a long time, everyone should be the same age
Have you never felt completely different?

What youthful people are doing and what the secret is will be the place of interest to everyone
Wouldn't it?

It is no to say that youthful = skin is young = blood vessel age is young.
Such a person might have homeostasis kept and immunity work normally.

If you have this, it is not what you should eat even this.

You want to live a long life in the super-aging era.
If you are interested, please contact us.Get in touch with us

You can do personal consultants, study sessions and seminars.

There is also a study session at the Wave Traditional Medical Association, so please join us. Annual and monthly membership fees are free of charge.
Wave Traditional Medical Association

Discomfort Index

High discomfort index
It is a word often heard from the rainy season to summer.
This is an indicator represented by temperature and humidity.

In summer in Japan, there are many areas with high humidity in addition to high temperatures.
For example, at 30 degrees, the discomfort index is high even if the humidity is as low as 35%.
When the temperature drops to 25 degrees, the humidity becomes 85-90%, which is an index that only feels uncomfortable.

This is an indicator of psychological and physiological stress.

It rains a lot and it is a season when it often feels stressful somehow.
Hydrangeas that bloom beautiful flowers in the season make you feel warm.

People because the unpleasant index does not go down just by looking at flowers,
Actually, how about including Kriya Hops in your mouth?

I like the method unexpectedly.

If you want to know more, please contact us.

hay fever

To you who are suffering from hay fever

When did the number of people suffer from hay fever increase in early spring?
I have an allergy, but fortunately, the antibody of the suki and the sunflower is
Almost zero.
However, I had symptoms at different times than others.

Yes, hay fever is one of the allergic reactions to certain plants.
This is a disturbance of immunity.

Because it is too painful, the medicine prescribed when going to the doctor is
None of this also sleeps.
Even if it is said that it is better to get drowsy than before
I still get sleepy.

When I was a student, I had a hard symptom and prescribed medicine.
I slept all the time in the car while traveling with my friends.
I was drowsy enough to not be able to get up.

Kriya Hops.
The symptoms of this painful hay fever by adjusting immunity
You can expect it to be less likely to come out.

In my case, I almost never felt any symptoms before I know it.

Because there are various ways of feeling depending on the person
If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us.