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原田さんには実際に 水溶性の製品を試飲していただきました。

2024年3月27日発売のan anに
水溶性Kriya® Hopsの製品が紹介されました!

A way of life that eats only natural things and does not relieve stress
How many people can do it?
by bringing it to good condition in a little
I'm sure I'll be healthier than I am now.
心、身体、魂 のバランスが取れていることです。

Is CBD only for hemp?
米国植物特許を取ったKriya® Hops

Isomer (Isomer))
In the process of extracting CBD from plants, the molecular structure changes slightly and may become isomer.
(In natural CBD, the molecular structure in the right figure has a double bond position of the benzene ring in the upper left is Δ-2 (delta), but in the case of isomers, it is the other position.) )
However, since the molecular weight is the same, it cannot be determined by tests normally used.
Our bodies do not react correctly to things that are not in nature.  Reacting as a foreign object and causing side effects such as liver dysfunction,
Less active CBD. (Unfortunately, the CBD used in the research may also be a mixture of isomers, but researchers do not know.) )
Kriya® Hopsから抽出したCBDは自然界に存在するΔ-2(デルタ)に二重結合があるものだけです。
It has been confirmed that natural CBD has the highest biological activity.

About biological activity

This article was written by the developer, Bomi Joseph.
He talks about all compounds, not just CBD.
I think we've forgotten what's important to be convenient.