Reduce toxins

Are you aware of the toxins around you?

We live surrounded by toxins.

Choose only pests and molds for insecticides, pesticides, mold inhibitors, etc.
It doesn't work.

We live in symbiosis with microorganisms.

What about personal care products?
Have you ever looked up what's in shampoo, soap, cosmetics, etc.?

My hair has been lonely lately, not because of my age.
It may be due to the shampoo you are using.

Are there any detergents for cleaning?
For glass, for floors, for cleaning baths, for cleaning toilets...
Have you also seen this ingredient?

There's more.

Heavy metals, mold...

Do you think that tap water and food additives are okay because there are standards set by the government?
Although it is true that there is no acute toxicity
What happens if various things accumulate over time?
Nobody knows.

Perhaps it will not become clear in our lifetime.

It is impossible to avoid them all.
Try using baking soda or citric acid when cleaning.
Try to stop eating processed foods as much as possible.
Use an iron frying pan (it takes a little effort, but you will be able to handle it carefully)
Why don't you start with what you can do?

And to take out as much as possible what has gone in
It is also important to drink good water and exercise moderately.

I think that's the case from the point of view of a person who is well made.
You may think that it is not enough at all
I think it's definitely better to do a little bit than not to do it.