Natural healing power

Natural healing power

It is the vitality that we humans have originally.

Homeostasis is the way to keep the body in a constant state.

When foreign bodies (bacteria, viruses, etc.) enter our bodies,
The immune corps is deployed to attack.
This immune corps is not just about strengthening.
Autoimmune diseases (e.e. rheumatism) that attack you if you are too strong (as is hay fever) or yourself
Balance is important.

To maintain homeostasis, this immune system, autonomic nervous system, and endocrine (hormone) are successful
Need to work.

One of the reasons why this homeostasis doesn't work well is
Stress, and aging.

No one can avoid aging.

But this aging, but don't you think there is an individual difference?
Reunion after a long time, everyone should be the same age
Have you never felt completely different?

What youthful people are doing and what the secret is will be the place of interest to everyone
Wouldn't it?

It is no to say that youthful = skin is young = blood vessel age is young.
Such a person might have homeostasis kept and immunity work normally.

If you have this, it is not what you should eat even this.

You want to live a long life in the super-aging era.
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