Discomfort Index

High discomfort index
It is a word often heard from the rainy season to summer.
This is an indicator represented by temperature and humidity.

In summer in Japan, there are many areas with high humidity in addition to high temperatures.
For example, at 30 degrees, the discomfort index is high even if the humidity is as low as 35%.
When the temperature drops to 25 degrees, the humidity becomes 85-90%, which is an index that only feels uncomfortable.

This is an indicator of psychological and physiological stress.

It rains a lot and it is a season when it often feels stressful somehow.
Hydrangeas that bloom beautiful flowers in the season make you feel warm.

People because the unpleasant index does not go down just by looking at flowers,
Actually, how about including Kriya Hops in your mouth?

I like the method unexpectedly.

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