Kangen Water

Would you like to clean your intestines?

The intestine is said to be the second brain.

Have you had the experience of not being able to stop even if you are told that sweet things are not good?
It's not that your intentions are weak, but that you want gut bacteria.

I've been drinking Kangen Water for over a year.
I no longer wanted the chocolate I liked that much.

If the intestinal bacteria change, the preference will also change.

As my friend said, I've been very careful about eating for the past few years.
Or y, the guidance was made a living.

But my bowels remained in bad shape.

Less than a month after it started drinking Kangen Water.
I lost weight and my bowels were in better shape than ever before.

And when I measured the quality of sleep with wearables, it was also getting better.

If the intestines are cleaned, bowels will become normal.
To do so, eat fibrous food so that it is not biased towards meat eating.
It is said variously such as exercising.
However, if you can not take water well, the effect is less than half.

Healthy stools are 70% to 80% hydrated

When the earth was much more beautiful,
We were naturally ingesting weakly alkaline and reducing water.

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