Is your sleep enough?

Are you sleeping well?

Do you know that Japan is one of the sleep-deprived nations in the world?

Alarm about 30 seconds before I stop at the station where I always get off when I was commuting by train
There was a person who was wearing it.
I think that I have been riding for a long time than the station where I ride.

Some people say that even a short sleep is enough.
Is it really so?
Sleep doesn't just rest your body.
It also organizes memories.
The waste thing in the head is put out while sleeping, too.
It is said that continuing to lack sleep increases the risk of dementia.

He professed to have a short sleep during his tenure.
President Reagan, Prime Minister Thatcher

Both of you had dementia in your later years.

If you're a sports person, you may have experienced it.
I practiced the day before and was able to do what I couldn't do the next day.
This is also related to sleep.

Ichiro takes ten hours of sleep.
It is said that.

There is a word that a sleeping child grows up, doesn't it?
Growth hormone comes out during sleep.

When I entered university, I felt that there were many people who were shorter than when I was in high school.
I don't know if it's because there were a lot of people who didn't want to study for the exam while they were sleeping.
I'm not certain.

I always want to get enough sleep and wake up feeling good.