What is health?

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Are you healthy?

There's nothing wrong with that.
Nothing is always pointed out in the examination.

That's why I think I'm healthy.

A little constipation,
I'm busy at work, so I don't get enough sleep and I don't have enough exercise.

However, it is a person who is healthy because it is not so much that it is sick well.

When you're a certain age
It hurts here and there.
It is the range of aging that physical strength falls.
I think that it is healthy if it is my age.

It varies from person to person, isn't it?

So what is health?
WHO "Health is the physical and mental
and is in perfectly good condition socially,
It is not simply that there is no disease or weakness. "
It is defined as.

Are you in good health? When I was asked
Probably a lot of people think about the body first, don't they? And then it's about the spirit.

What happens when you are not in good social condition?
The probability of not being able to maintain good physically and mental condition increases.

For example, when you suddenly lose your job
First of all, there is a big shock, isn't it?
In other words, you will no longer be in good mental condition.
And if you lose your appetite and become sleepy, you will not be in good physical condition.

Physical, mental, and social
If any of them are missing, you can't stay healthy.

By the way, what is physically perfectly good condition?
How do you prove complete?

I can't do that.??

So what's mentally perfectly good?
I can't sleep because I'm worried.

It is a story that anyone can have such a thing temporarily.

People who can stay in perfect condition for a long time...
You're an enlightened person.

It may be difficult to be healthy as defined.

I want to get a little closer to the state defined by WHO.